Lucy "Luda" Morar is a Frisco, TX based award-winning artist, whose works are featured in many private collections in Russia and the U.S. Born and raised in Urals, Lucy studied Architecture and Design in the highly respected Architecture Institute of Urals, and then continued her fine art education in the United States. New environment inspired Lucy to combine her technical and artistic skills, and enter a field of hand-painted murals, faux finishes and inspiring and innovative fine art.

Lucy's expert knowledge of architecture and interior design is enriched with life long fine art practices. Her interior art works are alive with creative insight into the personality of her clients and the unique atmosphere of each house. The incredible variety of styles and techniques on Lucy's "creative palette" give her the ability to step outside of a "box" of traditional interior decoration. She offers each client a complex solution that goes beyond usual expectations: finding a balanced and comfortable color theme for your house, introducing complementary textures and finishes, adding fine art pieces to complete the look and bring beauty and joy to your home atmosphere.


"My goal is to bring harmony to all the things I see. And things like painting, and visual design are my tools" says Lucy. This website shows Lucy's recent interior works, fine art pieces and examples of faux finishes. Please enjoy!

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